My name is Mike Andreasen and I'm a Systems Engineer and Systems Administrator who makes the web faster every day. I specialize in WordPress and WooCommerce performance on VPS, dedicated servers and managed hosting providers. I have a passion for performance and education so my days are spent teaching and learning when I'm noth eling my clients. Currently you can find me here on Codeable, helping WordPress and WooCommerce site owners improve page load times, conversion rates, automate tedious tasks and secure their servers.

If you are interested in taking your performance to the next level, here are a few amazing accomplishments my awesome clients experience after working together

  • Helping handle 26,000 concurrent visitors
  • Improving Google Lighthouse Pagespeed scores to 99
  • Improve WooCommerce wp-admin dashboard load times from 30 seconds to 1 second
  • Improve New Relic average processing time from 3 seconds to 500 ms
  • Help stabilize a site getting thousands of concurrent visitors from social referrals like Facebook
  • Tripling revenue for WooCommerce store after optimizing from the ground up to improve conversion rate

On WP Bullet Guides you will find my collection of tutorials and methods to improve the speed and performance of many WooCommerce stores and WordPress sites.

WP Bullet symbolizes the speed and precision of my approach to making your WordPress sites and WooCommerce stores achieve maximum performance.

If you are looking to gain the maximum performance out of your WordPress or WooCommerce site, you're a kindred spirit. You recognize the importance of WordPress and WooCommerce speed for your users and customers. You know speed is incredibly important for SEO, conversion rate, visitor retention and overall customer satisfaction. I want to help make the experience for you, your users and customers awesome.